DJMWB aka Lester ‘D.’

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HE IS DJMWB aka Lester ‘D.’ is an Artist, Producer, Recording Engineer and Film Producer. David Lester/ DJMWB aka Lester ‘D’ won the best artist of the year 94/95 in Monrovia Liberia from the Inquirer news for the song ‘Children are crying. Late in 2002 his single ‘Just because of your love’ topped charts in Senegal and the Gambia. This year DJMWB is the winner of the Akademia Award as best Rap/soul artist for his single ‘Self-made’ in Los Angeles USA. He is the founder and manager of Weaver Records International. Weaver Records is a label base in California USA with a branch in Stockholm Sweden. They are working on extending a subdivision in Liberia as well. They sign, produce artists and promote live events.

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